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Prayer Chain
Thanks for all who serve in the St. Anthony Parish Prayer Chain ministry.  This ministry has been active in the parish since June 1988. We have an active e-mail prayer chain with 27 members and a phone prayer chain with 16 members.
A praying parish is a caring parish and thanks for caring enough to take time to pray for the concerns of others.  May God bless you and your efforts in His name.
A little meditation from “the Word Among Us”:
“Whether we feel bold or discouraged, God hears and cherishes every prayer we make.  He delights in being found by those who seek Him; He is glad to open the door to anyone who knocks.” (Matthew 7: 7-8).

Divine Mercy Cenacle
Divine Mercy Cenacle is a small [3] group of ladies who meet every Wednesday mornings at 10.00 a.m.
The group usually have coffee/goodies/chat for 1/2 hour and then studies Divine Mercy books, St. Faustina's Diary and many other devotional books.
For more and all information about Divine mercy please visit

Regnum Christi
Regnum Christi is Latin for “Kingdom of Christ” and is a movement, within the Catholic Church that helps people to live their faith deeply and to get involved in works of service that assist people with the hope of bringing them closer to Our Lord. Regnum Christi spirituality has a keen awareness of the need to be Christ-centered. It tries to cultivate in its members an ever-deeper love for Jesus with the help of a daily meditation, periodic retreats, weekly gatherings – “Encounter with Christ” and spiritual direction. It strongly encourages members to express and complement their love for Christ through works of service and ministry that help souls and build the Church.
For more information and when you feel to be part of this Devotion please contact the parish office at 780 542 5254.
For more details please visit:

Corpus Christi Procession
The feast of Corpus Christi was initiated in the 13th century Belgium when visions by Blessed Julianna of Mount Cornillon noted the absence of an annual observance to celebrate Christ’s presence on the altar. With her encouragement, Liege Bishop Robert of Turcotte initiated the feast in 1246 and later, Popes Urban the4th and Clement the 5th promoted it.
St Anthony’s Parish adopted this tradition in 1998 with Fr. Paul Moret and ever since then we have a procession, on the 2nd Sunday after Pentecost, bearing the Holy Eucharist in the Monstrance to 4 altars, set up around Rotary Park. Parishioners follow with song and prayer. First communicants drop flower petals, banners of different holy pictures are being carried and the Knights of Columbus participate as an honour guard.
St. Pope John Paul the II said: ” Corpus Christi processions are the celebration of a people journeying through the world loved and nourished by Christ”.

Familia is a transformational ministry that is committed to serving the Catholic Church by offering women’s, men’s & couple ‘s programs based on the writings of Pope John Paul II, that help strengthen families. Through dynamic group discussions on relevant topics, participants discover the message of authentic love, both in their vocation to marriage and through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  For more information and when you feel to be part of this Devotion please contact the parish office at 780 542 5254.
For more details please visit:

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